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Children and Depression           

Most families now are reeling from the tight economic situation we are in.  As such, many families right now have both parents working to earn more for their families. This situation resulted to many children longing for parental care due to the absence of both parents who are working outside of their homes.  Children who long for time and care from their parents would usually experience depression tendencies

This condition should be observed carefully if you happen to be both working parents and your children are left  to somebody who would baby sit for them.  These tendencies usually are borne out of the situation where they are left alone without their parents to take care of them.  This depression if left unresolved would only make matter worse for them.

You will know if your child is suffering from depression if things that would attract his interest do not matter to him or her anymore.  If your child suddenly lose almost any interest in her playthings, does not play anymore with other children and would prefer to be alone with himself instead of being with other children, then chances are, your child may be suffering from depression. 

You can validate this further if your child exhibits physical problems such as indigestion, loss of appetite, and sleeplessness.  Aside from these things, if your child seems to be moody most of the times without any sign of happiness or laughter even when you try to act funny, then for sure your child is depressed. And I do believe that you have to do something fast to correct this matter.

Once you have determined that your child is feeling depressed, it would be a better alternative that you seek guidance from a professional counselor whose specialty is on child depression therapy.  Although these things are easily solved because of children’s ability to easily adapt to adult encouragement and can be made to follow their parent’s wishes, one of the things that would be encouraged here is for the parents to always communicate with their children.  Aside from that, there are also things that you can learn from these professional counselors to assure you that your child’s depression will not be repeated.    

If your child finally gets over his depression and bounces back to child’s happy life, I would suggest you try to have a vacation from your work and do spend some quality time with him.  You have to understand the great need of a child for the comforting words of his parents. It would be much better if both you and your husband take some days off from your work and spend it together with your child.  This would be doubly even better for the child to feel secure and happy that both his parents are there with him. And even when you report for work, explain to your child why you have to go to work and leave him to the care of somebody else.  Whenever you can, always communicate with him. This will make your child open up his feelings which are a good way to relieve him of any hurt feelings he has.     

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