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There are people whose tendency when it comes to emotional issues such as feeling depressed would just tend to let their feelings pass with time.  However one might say that depression is just a passing state of mind, there have been lots of cases when depression can aggravate itself to become dangerously self destructive.  Depression is just like any other kind of sickness.  If the symptoms are left undiagnosed for proper medical treatment, the disease can simply get worse. 

Early signs of depression can be cured either by medications or therapy or even a combination of both.  It is thus very important that a person has to subject himself to proper evaluation of his condition so that the right kind of measure can be taken to address his depression. There is always the possibility that a certain kind of medical treatment might not be suitable to a particular person while may be good for another.  If in case medication might not suit for the treatment of his symptoms, he can be made to undergo therapy, whichever will prove to suit his condition.  

There is actually no problem when it comes to the availability of anti-depressant medications.  Chemical based medications, however, are usually associated with certain side effects to the patient.  When taking these kinds of medications, care should be taken to observe any side effects that might harm the patient’s health.  

Chemical based anti-depressants that are in general use are known as SSRIs.  This medication would make a patient feel contented and happy by increasing the Serotonin level in their brains.  Normally, these emotional feelings are absent from depressed patients.  SSRIs are produced and sold by various laboratories and marketed in different brands.

Another chemical based depressant medication is known as Tricyclics.   This kind of medication increases not only the serotonin level in the brain but also the norepinephrine level.  This medication is also effective in treating depression but is now infrequently used because of side effects that are known to be associated with it.  There are still many brands in the market that is marketing this kind of anti-depressant medication.

For patients who have tried other forms of treatment like some forms of therapy and have also tried several kinds of medications without improvement in their condition, they can try using Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors or better known as MAOIs.  This medication however, is also subject to side effects and is not commonly used.  There are still brands using this kind of medication being sold in the market.

Depression is a mental sickness that can destroy the normal life of a person.  It is in this light that the above stated medication would prevent depression to make your life a miserable one.  You can choose the most suitable medication for you and lick away those unhappy and anxiety filled moments of your life.  You can even combine these medications with therapy for better results.  It is recommended, however, that for best result, try to use only those medications that will prove without harmful side effects to your body and can truly remedy your depression for you to enjoy life once again.

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