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Defeating Depression through Exercise

Exercise makes us physically and mentally healthy.  People who exercise regularly tend to be healthy and physically fit.  Aside from this, they also have a happy perspective of life and they enjoy life; the very reason why they would like to maintain a healthy life through exercise. Through exercise, one can attain many benefits that would result to better health and a good mental attitude.

If ever you will decide to try exercising, you should realize that it is never good to be abrupt in everything. You need moderation even in exercise.  First you have to choose what type of exercise will fit you most.  If you are still young, you can go for early morning jogging or even running.  If you think you are too old for that, you can always go for brisk walking every morning.  If you go for jogging, start you jogging for a shorter distance, like maybe half a kilometer will do. Do this for several days and if you think you have adjusted to this distance, you can adjust it to one kilometer.  If you decide on brisk walking this recommended distance will also be good for starters.

Exercising helps in making your body more resistant to diseases.  Your mental capacity is more strengthened with exercise because of improved blood circulation in all parts of your body including blood circulation in your brain. If you exercise regularly, stress from work can easily be forgotten resulting to an anxiety free moments whereby your mind and body focuses on something that can make your body exerts some efforts to improve blood circulation and muscle flexibility.

Of course, it is undeniable that we are today living in a very competitive environment.   The present day lifestyle have changed considerably to become one that is run by modern conveniences that would translate to earning a better pay for acquiring such conveniences for your family.  Stress borne out of work to earn bigger pay,  anxiety from worrying if you fail to deliver on what is expected of you, mounting financial debt and many other worrisome things of our present day living  can bring about the right amount of stress and anxiety that can lead you to depression. 

However, if you exercise regularly, the effects of stress and anxiety over these problems can be overcome in a healthy manner.  Besides, being physically fit is already a clear advantage in your work.  You can think clearly and will be able to withstood workloads that might result to better pay.  And most importantly, being physically and mentally fit will make you enjoy life much better and preclude you from becoming another victim of depression.

Exercise likewise can make you relax much better.  Deep breathing exercises can also relieve stress and can contribute to a hastened blood flow with good oxygen content in your body.  By regularly doing a deep breathing exercise, you can maintain good health, proper body posture and a relaxing mood.  It is recommended that an early morning exercise like brisk walking, jogging or running should be maintained regularly for better result. Likewise, breathing exercises should also be made on a daily basis.

If you are at work and the stress is building up, all you have to do is take a short break from the monotony of your work.  There are various ways to take a break and relieve your stress build up.  You can either go for some short exercise like push up utilizing the edge of your table.  If you are having your office at home, you can do it on the floor. You can also do some 5 minute stationery jogging for blood circulation in your lower body.  You can also distract yourself from your work and listen to some favorite music.  There are just so many other things you can do to relieve stress for a 5 minute break from work.

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