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Elderly Depression and Treatment 

Depression for the elderly are usually brought about by sudden change of their lifestyles, illness or even the death of a beloved.  Retirement from a long held job can be a real cause for depression among some elderly if they cannot cope with the sudden changes in their lifestyles.  The passing away of someone very close to them can cause the elderly to to be in grief for a long period of time.  The problem here however, is that because of their age and their frail physical condition because of their age, their depression can sometimes be mistaken as something brought about by their age.

As study shows, elderly who are in nursing homes, usually contracts depression during lingering illness.  The study further revealed that elderly in nursing homes are in greater risk of dying from illnesses once they begin to feel depressed.  It also added that the elderly are more prone to heart diseases and may eventually die from such disease. It was further noted that elderly in nursing homes aside from illness may be able to contract depression due to their longing for their sons and daughters and even grand daughters and grand sons whom they would be missing so much.

The elderly will have a higher chance of being depressed because of diseases.  Illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart problems can easily lead to depression for the elderly.  These circumstances, however, can be treated through several ways.  It is important for those who run the nursing home that the elderly should be properly observed for signs of depression so that proper diagnosis and treatment can be immediately availed of by them.  

Treatment through psychotherapy for the elderly is a good way of curing their depression.  Considering that most elderly usually succumbed to depression because of lifestyle change brought about by retirement and being far from their own family as they are in nursing homes, treatment through psychotherapy would be the most appropriate way in curing their depression.   Medication can likewise be made to treat the elderly.  Care however should be made that they do not forget to take their medication as scheduled. 


For the elderly who is clinically depressed and would like to submit for ECT or Electroconvulsive therapy, the process involves the placing of electrodes on their scalp in a very precise way and very controlled electric impulses are sent to the electrodes which would send minimal amount of electric current to the elderly brain.  This process is undertaken under the supervision of an ECT specialist.  Many patients who have undergone this process have only good things to say about this method of treatment.

Another kind of treatment for the elderly will be through prescription medication.  The problem of prescription medications however, are the bad side effects that they give to the patients, aside from the fact that most of these medications can be addictive.  Lately, several medications that are not made from chemical formulations have achieved remarkable results in the treatment of depression.  These are known as herbal formulated medications that are effective in treating depression without harmful side effects and are not addictive.  Besides, they cost so much less than the chemically formulated prescription medications. 

These herbal medications are formulated from herbal extracts of potent herbs known to treat depression.  The advantage of treating the elderly with these herbal medications are that besides curing them of their depression, these medications can even improve their memory.  These herbal medications have been tested for their efficacy and have been proven to deliver positive results in the treatment of depression without harmful side effects. 

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