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General Treatment for Clinical Depression      

There are people who would like to end their life due to clinical depression.  However, they have to realize that depression is a mental illness that can be cured so that they can again enjoy and be happy with their life.  

If you feel you have no more desire to live because of your feelings that haunt you every moment each day, those moments when you feel the loneliness, the hopelessness and even the anxiety that grips you every waking moments of your life, hold on.  Yes, hold on to dear life.  The depression that makes you think of ending your life can be cured. 

It is curable and it has to be cured at the earliest before it becomes what is known as clinical depression.  The treatment actually is at hand again, hold on to that dear life of yours , and read about this wonderful news that can surely make you feel better, appreciate music, and laugh at jokes, to include dirty ones!

Treatment of Depression

a.   Medications and Psychotherapy  -  Psychotherapy is a process by which the therapist will attempt to explore the back channels of your childhood memories, the fantasies and traumatic experiences and  even those sweet memories that you have had and would try to discern glimpses from them for clues that might be able to unlock  the key to cure your depression.  This process sometimes is complemented by medications to hasten the curing process.

b.  Electro-Convulsive Therapy -  This was once considered as something of a shock therapy where electric current will pass to your brain subjecting it to shock therapy.  With the advent of cutting edge technology, this process has been refined to a more delicate and refined shock treatment procedure where the patient will not be able to feel the pains of being electrocuted.  This is now a painless procedure with the only drawback being a short term memory loss.

c. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation -  This procedure involves a magnetic coil that is subjected to electric current.  Once electric current passes through the coil, a magnetic field will ensue on the coil.  In turn, this coil will be made to come within several centimeters on your scalp and will traverse the entire length and width of your head where the magnetic field of the coil will do wonders to the nerve cells of your brain.

d. Natural Therapies – Natural body massage, Meditation an even the practice of Yoga can relieve you of mild depression.  There are several ways of performing yoga that can effectively relieve you of stress and depression.

e. Acupuncture and Reflexology – the strategic needle puncturing of parts of the body that relates to brain activity to enhance the feeling of calmness and relaxation would be through acupuncture while the application of pressure to the hands and feet that would also provide relaxation to the brain activity is reflexology. 

f. Herbal SupplementsHerbal medication or supplements come from extracts of selected herbs that are effective in treating persons suffering from depression. The advantage of this kind of treatment is that there is almost no side effect that can be harmful to the patient because of its natural formulation.


Various medical studies have shown that anybody can be afflicted by this mental disorder.  Although circumstances play a major role in making a person feel depressed, said depression can be considered normal if in due time his or her depression wears off. However, if the depression would continue for an abnormal period of time, then this would be a cause for concern that would have to be addressed to urgently.  It is in this respect that the above stated treatments were written for your guidance so that you may be able to learn that depression is a curable sickness. 


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