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The Hamilton Depression Rating Scale

Have you heard of the Hamilton depression rating scale?  If you still have no idea what it is and how you can use, lend me a minute of your time and read this information that I will share to you so that you may be able to benefit from the use of this depression rating scale.

The Hamilton rating scale for depression as the name implies, is a scale that is utilized to gauge the degree of a certain person depression. This scale has been widely used by medical clinics in many developed countries around the world as a test scale for mentally disturbed persons suspected of being in a state of depression

Actually, this depression rating scale are used by doctors to ascertain to some degree the depression of a person so that they can either increase or decrease the amount of dosage of a particular depression medication that they recommend to patients.  Usually, this form of test is carried every time the patient would have his or her check up schedule to determine if the recommended previous dosage given has been effective or needs to be increased.

This scale came into being in 1960 after Max Hamilton, a noted medical specialist on depression problems, created this rating scale to be used during the course of interviewing a depression patient to gauge the level of his depression.  This depression rating scale has been subjected to several revisions until it has now been set to a more acceptable standard.  This scale is now used worldwide in terms of measuring depression levels of patients. 

Although the scale has seen several revisions, the scale has been noted to still have some flaws.  The observation is that there might be no uniformity as to the interpretation of the interviewer as there is always the possibility of difference, though even slightly, when it comes to the personal view of the interviewer of a patient’s rating scale result.

The rating involves the interview of a patient. A set of 21 questions is asked by the interviewer from the patient.  Every answer is given a corresponding score. After the interview, the total score will be used to indicate whether the patient just interviewed is suffering from a mild or moderate depression or even a severe depression.

The effectiveness of determining a patient’s degree of depression using this scale has already received wide recognition.  This is one of the reasons why nearly all medical establishments around the world is using this scale in their quest to correctly determine the kind of depression their patient is suffering from.  

Depression is a mental sickness that is affecting a lot of people globally.  Since it is a very disabling disease, it is important that proper treatment can be made to people suffering from this kind of mental problem.  The use of the Hamilton depression rating scale has greatly enabled medical practitioners to correctly diagnose the degree of a patient’s depression.  This diagnosis is now their basis in giving the proper treatment to patients suffering from different levels of depression.      


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