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This mental illness called depression is growing by the day in a global scale.  It has negatively affected the productive man hours of employees in many factories.  It has even lowered school attendance in all schools and has also decreased the high achievement skills of students. This mental affliction has become a dire mental problem not only to the individual but to the rest of his families as well.  Depression has several stages. It usually starts from a mild form that if not properly diagnosed and treated, can get worse until it can end with the afflicted person entertaining suicide to end his depression problems. 

Depression is a mental problem that can be very mild at first sign.  If the depression would just be a passing one due to stress and other problems, it can pose no problem.  However, if the depression becomes a continuing matter, then it can be a cause for concern and would need proper medical attention to prevent the sickness from progressing towards a more severe state of depression.

Depression is a form of mental sickness that can easily be cured if diagnosed early and the proper treatment is applied.  And just like any forms of a disease, depression if left untreated, can only get worse. Thus, if you or any member of your family is presently suffering from depression, here are the different forms of treatments available.

Treatment through medication.  There are many types of medication available for the treatment of depression. Two of these are said to be effective with minimal amount of side effects. These two are known as Monoamine Oxidase inhibitors and the other one is the Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors.  Aside from these two chemical formulated medication, herbal medications which are less expensive and with no side effects are also now widely in demand by depression sufferers.

Psychotherapy treatment is considered one of the best methods of treatment for depression patients.  These kinds of therapies can either be cognitive, talk or interpersonal.  Therapist would try to observe and analyze the causes of a patient’s depression through several sessions of treatment and once identified, the therapist would then try to resolve the problem that would ultimately be ejected from the subconscious mind of the patient. This process can effectively cure the depression of a patient.  Actually, this is the most sought after form of depression treatment.

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) treatment is said to be the best kind of treatment as far as patients who have undergone this kind of treatment would say.  The process of treatment is by subjecting the patient’s brain to moderate amount of electric current. This is a specialized process and as such can only be done by an Electroconvulsive Therapy Specialist.

Self help treatment is also possible with depression.  What you have to do to avoid depression is to exercise regularly and socialize.  Join clubs and association and if possible try to be interactive with a lot of people.  Have a positive outlook in life and enjoy life to its fullest.  It is important however, that you should try to stick with your daily exercise and also deep breathing exercises. 


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