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Today, there are many type of medications sold for the treatment of depression.  Because of the many reported cases of harmful side effects and addictive medications caused primarily by prescription medications, most depression sufferers now tend to use herbal medications instead of prescription medications.  Herbal medications are also effective but are not addictive and do not have harmful side effects.  Besides, their cost is more affordable than the prescription medication.

Considering that herbal medication is now selling briskly, many fake herbal medications have been noted openly sold in the market.  To protect yourself from buying these fake medications, it is suggested that before you buy an herbal medication, try to research first on the internet about these types of medications. 

You will learn from your research several well known and considered effective but safe and non-addictive herbal medications.  You will also be able to learn things such as the dosages needed for a certain type of depression.  Once you have learned about these kinds of herbal medications and you have decided on what kind of herbal medicine you will buy, you can now proceed in actually purchasing the herbal medication that you need.  However, please buy only from reputable pharmacy to ensure the product you are buying is the real thing.   

You will note from your internet research that one of the more effective and safe herbal medication for depression is St. John’s Wort.  Although there are still several kinds of herbal products that are also effective in treating depression, this herbal medication is said to be the most tested herbal product in the market that is very effective in treating depression .  More important, it does not have harmful side effects and is also not addictive.

The best dosages that you can start with are from six hundred to nine hundred milligrams a day.   You can adjust later if either the dosage is more than what is needed or there is a need to increase.  Another good thing about St. John’s Wort herbal medication is that it is much cheaper than other brands of medication. Another important thing to do when buying this kind of medication is be sure that this herbal medication contains three to five percent hyperforin, since this element is also needed in the treatment of depression.

Another way to treat depression the natural way is through the herbal medication known as SAM-e.  It is said that the affectivity of this medications is just like that of St. John’s Wort, but only on a much faster scale.  The not so good thing about SAM-e is in its price. It is expensive.  You need more than a hundred dollars a month if ever you decide to go for this type of medication.  Of course, I know you will just go for the less expensive St. John’s Wort.            

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