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Symptoms and Treatments of Clinical Depression

Clinical depression is an on-going state of depression that once afflicted; a person will sometimes decide to end his or her life.  Although this is a mental sickness that is not contagious, the person suffering from clinical depression can just as well contaminate the happiness and the enjoyment of his or her family in the conduct of their daily life.  This situation can be very taxing to a family once a member is afflicted with this kind of mental disease.


The inability of a person to feel happy coupled with an endless bout of feeling despondent would tend to signify symptoms related to clinical depression.  Warning indication that this situation should be addressed to immediately will be if outward signs of depression, unreasonable fear, gnawing loneliness and emotional unresponsiveness set in.

Losing interest in anything even in the performance of daily routine or habit can signify signs of clinical depression.  Uncharacteristic poor appetite and a rapid loss in weight are also valid indicators of depression. These signs should not be taken as passing or temporary, but has to be considered for consultation.

It is necessary to understand that nearly all the good things that a person in normal mental health can be capable of would not be present in the mental state of a person suffering from clinical depression.  This person will be incapable of feeling good about himself, of thinking about positive things in life, of feeling being loved and wanted, of feeling happy on any good news and even of laughing in a very funny joke.  Instead, his mind would be muddled in the belief that he is unwanted, that everybody hates him, and almost any other negative things that his mind can think of.

These negative things that continuously clog up his mind, if not addressed to correctly and immediately, can lead to dire things that he can think of.  And this is where the suicidal attitude of a patient suffering from clinical depression comes in. 

Actually, in diagnosing a person who is suffering from clinical depression,  there are also underlying attitudes that one can seem to note as normal until this attitudes or behaviors are known as uncharacteristic for the patient to be capable of doing, which simply means that the patient has been subjected to a sudden change of character.  Where a patient was once known as a man of peace, he has now changed himself to being a war freak person.  From a subtle personality, he now has changed into a hyperactive person.  These sudden changes of behavior can also be considered as symptoms of a person suffering from clinical depression.

There are many cases of abusive behavior due to substance abuse by teenagers and even by adults brought about by their attempt to address their depression.  Substance abuse can lead to property destruction, harming other innocent person and even harming one self once the reality of being still in a state of depression the moment the effects of substances taken wear off.  If your son begins to take alcohol and to get drunk most of the time, better be wary of his situation because for sure this sudden change of attitude might be his own way of fighting his depression.

Treating depression

Always bear in mind that depression is a sickness that can be cured.  There are several ways of treatment.   You can either go for psycho therapy or other forms of therapy like acupuncture, reflexology, and other kinds of body massage.   You can also use supplements and medication for depression.  For advances depression, there are now advanced electric shock treatments that are painless to patients undergoing such treatments.  And so, do not feel hopeless once you think you are having this kind of mental sickness.  All you have to do is submit to any kind of treatment suited to your level of depression so that you may enjoy life once again.  

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