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Teenage Depression 

If you have a teenage son or daughter for sure you know that even at their age, their own world as teens are subject to emotional problems and worries just as we have as adults.  As parents we should try to always open dialogue lines between our teenage sons and daughters.  We have to do this so that we may be able to have a glimpse of their problems or anything that disturbs them in coping with their own world. 

We have to understand the fact that they can be afflicted with depression as teenagers.  It is necessary for us to watch out for any signs relating to these emotional problems that they may encounter that might lead to depression.  And once we detect symptoms of depression it is important that we have to subject them to a medical diagnosis so that proper treatment can be made.
Although detecting signs of depression in your teenage sons or daughters might prove not easily done as they would be adapting to new set of circumstances as they grow up in their teenage world, you can still be able to discern obvious abnormality in your son or daughter behavior once depression sets in.  One way of preventing depression in your teenage son or daughter is through regular dialogue.  Always try to have good communication with them by asking them about any problems they might have in school, with their friends or with anybody else.  A continuing communication with your teenage sons and daughters would indicate your concern for them.  This situation will make them feel comfortable relating to you their feelings and emotions which would be a good thing to ward off depression.


Teenage depression would be something to be worried about if you are the parent because it can result to a graver problem once your teenage son or daughter continually becomes depressed.  There are times when your son or daughter might feel depressed due to things that they were not able to attain or perhaps due to some failed teenage romance or some other things.  If you can notice this and knew the cause, you can assist them by consoling or keeping up their spirits.  Once they came out of it in due time, there is no cause for worry.  The problem will be if they keep on feeling depressed for a longer period of time   

Of course, depression is a very noticeable thing once your son or daughter contracts it.  As a parent you should try to do all you can to assuage the feeling of your son or daughter to keep up his feelings and emotions and forget all about his past failures or whatever that led him or her to feel depressed.  Being young, they are new to being broken hearted and even to failures in what they are trying to achieve. Thus, they have to be guided to the realities of life.  They have to realize that failure is their basis for success and that there are so many other boys or girls that they can meet that would prove much better than his or her supposed to be first love.  

However, even after all your parental guidance and counseling your son or daughter cannot get over his or her depression and would extend to an abnormal length of time then I would advise you to get professional help.  And if your teenage son or daughter will experience sleepless nights, and with behavior totally different from his or her natural characteristics, it is a must that you should see a doctor immediately to diagnose his or her depression for the needed treatment

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