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Top 3 Cures for Depression 

When it comes to the problem of find the right cure for depression one can easily solve it by first diagnosing if what forms of depression one is suffering from.  Although there are several methods in treating depression, it is necessary first to find out the degree of depression one is suffering from before the proper treatment can be applied.  In relation to the subject of depression treatment, may I reveal to you what is considered as the top three treatments for depression.  

Depression comes in several levels. When depression is in its mild form, a person can feel passing loneliness and temporary hopelessness that can eventually be normalized.  However, there are times that this early stage of depression might pursue to become chronic or even clinical depression that would exhibit all the negative aspect of emotions such as guilt, fear, loneliness and hopelessness and would make the person very much different from his natural characteristic. When the level of depression becomes clinical, the person would already have all sorts of abnormality in his eating and sleeping habits, and eventually will have a suicidal attitude. 

Exercise is one of the top forms of combating depression. Mild form of depression due to failures, and even the departure of a beloved person can actually be addressed by regular exercise.  Depression in its early form can always be solved if the person would only concentrate on some other forms of activity particularly exercise. You can either do your exercise through early morning brisk walking or jogging and running.  If you wish and I am sure this can be a more effective form of exercise, is by joining group sports like basketball or even volleyball. If you wish, you can also enroll yourself in some form of dancing.  These group forms of physical activities will be effective in doing away with your mild depression.    

Regular daily exercise will provide your body with the needed benefits of proper blood circulation to the body more particularly in our brains.   It can also make our muscles much stronger and our fats will be greatly diminished by the calories that we burn through exercise.  With daily exercise, we can do away with stress, and we will be in a much better condition physically and mentally. 

There are various explanations why exercise relieves tension and even depression. Some would say that exercise enhance the neurotransmitters in our brain that relaxes our mood.  Others would say that exercise increases the level of endorphins and decreases cortisol, which would result to our feeling good about everything.  Whatever it is that makes exercise a potent weapon against depression would be accepted so long as we are now aware that indeed, exercise can prevent depression.   

Cognitive Therapy is another top treatment for depression.  This kind of treatment is indeed one of the most sought after treatment when it comes to depression.  A person suffering from depression will be subjected to several interviews with a therapist the purpose of which is to look for hidden emotional issues or whatever it is that lurks in the subconscious mind of the patient.  These issues, once determined by the therapist as the main cause of the patients depression, will then be made to come out in the open, discussed with the patient and then put to a reasonable close acceptable to the patient. This process is one of the most effective ways in treating depression.  

The last top cures for depression will be through medication that would correct the imbalance of the brain’s neurotransmitter.  It has been discovered that one of the causes of depression is chemical imbalance in the brain.  There are medications that can effectively treat this to provide treatment for depression.

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