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Treating Depression Using Herbs

Today, many patients suffering from depression has embraced herbal medications as their treatment for their ailment.  Aside from being effective in the treatment of depression, there are two additional reasons that most of these patients cite why they have come to use herbal medication instead of the chemical based formulated medication.

One reason is in terms of side effects.  Chemical based medication has many serious side effects to the use which caused the FDA to prohibit these kinds of medication especially for use of children.  Another reason is affordability.  Herbal medications are a lot cheaper compared to chemical based medications.  It is therefore logical for anybody for that matter to choose herbal medications over chemical based formulated medications.

Here are several natural medications for depression that are now being preferred by most patients suffering from this kind of mental disease.

St. John’s Wort topbills our list of these herbal medication.  It is said that this kind of herbal medication has the most potent natural formulation that can effectively aid in curing depression.  Although others may disagree since they would claim that almost all other types of herbal medications would be just as well effective in treating depression, the fact remains that this kind of herbal medication indeed works in treating this kind of mental illness known a depression.   Users, however, are cautioned not to take this herbal medication in combination with any chemically formulated medications.  It would be to your benefit if you consult your doctor before using St. John’s Wort herbal medication.

Ginkgo Biloba has been proven by medical researchers to enhance blood circulation in the brain.  Taking Ginkgo Biloba medication can help greatly improve your memory and also aids in making you feel calm and in a positive mood.  This herbal medication which is leaves extract of Ginkgo Biloba trees from Asia is indeed a good medication for treatment of depression.

Siberian Ginseng is another potent herbal medication that is effective in the treatment of person suffering from the ill effects of a mental disease known as depression.  .  The main function of Siberian Ginseng in terms of giving cure to persons afflicted with depression is its ability to balance the neurotransmitter function of the brain since imbalance function of the brain neurotransmitters is one of the main causes of depression.

Oat Straw is another herbal medication that can greatly aid in calming and likewise strengthening the nervous system of a person suffering from depression.  All that you have to do is consume five hundred milligrams of this herbal medication twice daily to put you in the proper mood of things.

Basil herb tonic is also good in relieving a person of fatigue and work pressure.  It is said that these two factors causes a person to suffer anxiety than can lead to depression.  Aside from being a good tonic for depression, it can also be utilized as massage oil for depression therapy. Combining basil tonic for the treatment of your depression coupled with a daily therapeutic body massage in basil oil can be a potent way of relieving your depression.

Clove herbs is another good way of treating depression through the natural way. For sufferers of depression who cannot sleep, just boil clove herbs with a mix of mint and inhale deeply the steam.  This will make you relax and will also make you to fall asleep. 

Ginger is likewise a natural treatment for depression.  You can boil ginger in water and add a little mixture of sugar.  Instead of taking milk or coffee, you can take this early morning ginger drink.  This ginger drink is good for colds and for common throat ailments.  And more important, it will aid in fighting your depression away. 


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