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Types of Depression                                

It is indeed necessary for us to understand and to know the kinds of depression and the symptoms that they tend to exhibit.  Knowledge of these types of depression will enable us to know and respond to the needed treatment to these kinds of mental diseases.  

Clinical or Major Depression

Clinical depression is the kind of depression that would make an afflicted person be in a sad state for a very long period of time.  The person with this kind of depression will likely hate himself for the  way he is and careful observation of his actuation is very needed since there is every likelihood that he will have suicidal attempts to end his life which he himself hates to the point of ending it.   This type of depression is very destructive to a person afflicted with it because he cannot control the feeling of sadness that would engulf his feeling every waking moments of his day.

Dysthymia or Chronic Depression

This is the second type of depression that can be considered as chronic depression. This actually, is a milder form of depression and also is known as Dysthymia form of depression.  Normally, people under this kind of depression will be subjected to continual moods of sadness, hopelessness and even loneliness.  Other signs that this person is under this stage of depression is sleeping disorder and irregular eating habits.  If treatment is not applied to correct this mental disorder, there is a possibility that this kind of chronic depression will aggravate and become a major depression.

Bipolar Depression

A person suffering from bipolar depression is said to be in both ends of happiness and sadness.  This is why this kind of sickness is called a bipolar depression precisely because it has two extreme feelings.  The mood of a person under this kind of depression will swing from intense feeling of happiness to an intense feeling of sadness.  Thus if a member of your family exhibits these kind of character, of suddenly feeling very sad from feeling very happy and then back again to feeling very sad,  then there is the likelihood that he or she is suffering from bipolar depression.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

You might not believe it, but this seasonal disorder is very true and is a form of mental disorder.  This seasonal affective disorder would make a person suffering from this affliction falls under a state of depression every time a certain season comes, and would then becomes well and normal again after the season ends. 

Atypical Disorder

This type of depression is a moderate type of mental disorder but should likewise be subject to treatment.  Atypical depression can be easily treated with a therapy treatment or a combination of therapy and herbal depression supplements.  Sufferers of this type of depression can sometimes subject their partner into bouts of problems because they will be most often feeling emotionally hypersensitive.  You can validate if a person is indeed suffering from this kind of depression by observing his or her eating and sleeping habits.   If the person suddenly overeats and oversleeps everyday, you can now be sure that the person is suffering from atypical disorder.  Treatment of this mental disorder should be made immediately.   

Psychotic Depression

Psychotic depression is considered depression in its most severe form.  Most often, persons suffering from this type of depression would seem to be on the point of going crazy due to hallucinations.  Person having other forms of depression if left untreated can have the possibility of ending up with the most severe form of depression known as psychotic depression.

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